Not Everyone Is Going To Like Your Body, And That’s Okay

So there is over 7 billion people in the world, and we got to that number mostly because people had sex. Minus some awesome test tube babies. And leading up to sex, in the good scenarios when everything is consensual, it’s because you were attracted to someone’s body, and they attracted to yours. Maybe to varying degrees of attraction, but hey. It works.

Now, 7 billion people don’t have the same body type. So it shows that people have been getting laid even if they might not fit the socially accepted ”ideal” body type. Which seems to change all the time, and people pit ideals against another. Reason why I’m writing about this is I’m tired that a lot of people seem to idealize one body type by putting down another.

Take the latest fad, the ”Dad Bod” which I am all for, since a lot of men fit in this body category and it helps body acceptance and boosts confidence. It shows that you don’t need a 6-pack for people to want to make you the future father of their kids.  But reading the ”Dad Bod” article, it contradicts itself and criticizes, starting with how females feel less insecure because they look ”better” when standing next to their ”Dad Bod” beau. In turn, it reinstates that the ”Dad Bod” is something inferior and its appeal is just a tool to make you feel better about yourself? What? Why not just celebrate and promote the fact that these type of men are relatively healthy and comfortable in their body. It also goes to shut down other body types, with Pearson saying that ”No one wants to cuddle with a rock. Or Edward Cullen. The end.”  Why can’t it just be said that it’s nice to cuddle someone with a bit of a soft beer gut? Really, if you’re cuddling a sculpted man or a slender gentlemen, cuddles are superb either way. The end.

You keep doing you, Dad Bods of the world.

dad bod

Now, the always heated debate of female bodies. Let’s bring up the sayings ”Real Women Have Curves” and ”Real Men Love Curves.” Bit of a double edged sword, with one shaming the ”skinny girls”of the world, while the other emasculates the partners of said skinny girls. The first saying hits home for me because well, curves. I don’t have them. I’m 22 and it seems I’m not going to get a second wind of puberty. So I’ll just have to rock out with my AA cups and just preach the truth. Big, medium or itty bitty, breasts are awesome.  And I bet there are some people out there who like man boobs as well, so we’re all good.

Photo on 2015-05-14 at 1.27 PM

But I attest, I am a woman. I am real in the whole 3-D, skin, tissue, fat, bone, who also has a vagina, kind of way. Basically if you say you’re a woman, no matter what kind of body you have, curves, no curves, than you’re a woman. Pretty simple. And to others, if you dig curves, there are curvy girls out there for you who need love. And I’m happy that those curvy girls will get some action. If you’re talking about what type of person you find attractive why not just say ”Curves are sexy” (which they are) instead of metaphorically castrating slender loving males and belittling petite girls.

As time is passing, and CrossFit, boot camps, and kick-boxing are becoming the darling favourites for women’s fitness there is debate on how much muscle a woman should have before it goes from sexy to not so sexy.  You’ll hear ”women should be toned and shouldn’t be muscular.” And I say fuck it, you bench as much as you want honey because there’s going to be someone out of the 7 billion who will want to go to your gun show.

muscleThe opposite is for males, the stereotypical ideal male body type is muscular, that’s what society tends to project through media such as advertisements, movies, and manly ”role models” children are told to look up to. Think action figures, super heroes, etc.  Basically, most males are told that to be a desirable you have to have bulging biceps and an 8-pack. Of course there’s nothing wrong with working out, and exercising for the shape you want. There’s also nothing shameful about being attracted to such a body type. It’s how a lot of people are geared.

For females, the stereotypical desired shape is one that is slender and delicate looking. Some females are naturally like that, and some work for it with healthy diet and exercise. Once again, everything is all fine and well. However there is men who may lean more closer to the slender side than ”macho” built. Growing up, I recall hearing these slight male individuals being teased, called sissy, weak looking, pansy etc. We grow up in a society where appearance equals value, but making people feel inadequate because of their body is something that should be outdated by now in our modern society.  But I assure you, lanky men of the world, there is going to be people who want to get into your skinny jeans.

To sum everything up, not everyone is ever going to agree on what body type is the best, people will have differences in taste and we should just leave it at that, instead of pitting one against another.  Hopefully it really goes without saying that the important thing foremost is accepting and loving your own body, whatever shape or form that is. Everything after that is just an added bonus.



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