If You Don’t Like Photos of Real Women & Men, Don’t Click.

So, finally with my laptop momentarily being fixed (it’s been on the fritz past few weeks) I thought I would clear up on this whole take on what constitutes what a real woman is, and what a real man is. This is article is based on physical requirements, and the opinion varies from person to person, like how ”real women have curves,” or ”real men have beards.”  Since I don’t know when my laptop will collapse (any minute maybe) I think a few photos would sum up things more quickly.

2D274905957771-today-monokini-140527-02.blocks_desktop_mediumEven if you have one breast, you’re still a woman. 
o-KELLY-DAVIDSON-BREAST-CANCER-facebook Or maybe you don’t have any? Still a woman.

Photo on 2014-10-05 at 2.49 PM Maybe some woman never shave, sometimes shave, or always shave. You’re still a woman.

Laverne-CoxXLRG Maybe you weren’t even technically born a woman, but after a bit of a transition, you’ve become a woman.

(Or you just feel like a woman on the inside for now, either way.)

ashleygraham_plussizeMaybe a woman can’t fit into a size 0, still a bonafide woman.

atongarjok And maybe you’re lacking a few curves and are just lean, still every inch of a woman.

Now, what’s a real man?

2_women-prefer-clean-shaven-men-1058545-flashSome men shave.

169And sometimes men own a manly ponch.

pic0218 Sometimes other men only have muscle.

man_with_mighty_beard_by_jenhell66-d63760zSome men never pick up a razor.

IMG_11651And sometimes, little girls grow into men.

man-in-suitAnd a lot of men go out into the world looking like this.

I really just scratched the surface of who real men are, and who real women are, there’s so many different mandates based on ethnic background, cultural background, generation you were born in, etc and many people feel like they don’t have all the parts, or feel like they’re not what society wants them to be.  Wanna know what? Screw those who tell you your worth, or your authenticity.

You are bonafide.



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