Fall Day Fashion In Europe

I personally love Fall, it is my favourite season. I can finally cover up my pale skin without judgement and bundle up with coffee and a blanket.  Now fashion in Sweden is similar in Canada, so luckily my wardrobe hasn’t changed much since I moved.


Jacket: Kensington Market, Sweater: Zara, Scarf: Lindex, Hat: Lindex, Shoes:Aldo, Bag:Long Champ

I personally have been favouring natural colours, and the beige scarf I’ve been wearing on a consistent,obsessed, basis. Also wearing a floppy hat is perfect to liven up any outfit. And the perfect cover up for a bad hair day… Army print is very popular here, I also own a pair of army pants. A lot of females as well as males have been wearing army print as of late, but since mine is quite thin, I usually have to wear a sweater underneath. It is a strange thought if the army jacket was every actually worn by a solider, since I bought it at a vintage shop in Kensington Market. Who knows.

And here are some random action shots, since the sambo tends to like black and white photos, I included that as well. ”Malmö Catwalk.” 

IMG_7379 IMG_7380

So there you have it! I will conclude I’m looking forward to seeing how the Swedes do fall fashion, since I’ve never lived in this country for this particular season. Stay tuned!



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