I Went To A Swedish Wrestling Match. Things Got Weird.

Sometimes, people get cooped up. Maybe you do, maybe your roommate does, but I know I get cooped up. When I get cooped up, I like to go for a walk, and sometimes after awhile I stop by a café/bar for a drink. Sometimes, well most of the time.

On one particular night, I stopped by a local place for a glass of red wine. Since somethings never change, wherever I happen to be living, the answer is always red wine. But moving on, I hear a loud commotion of cheers and large eruptions, so I ask what is going on upstairs. The response was “ Pro Wrestling.” After throwing down some kroner for admission, I venture on upstairs.

What I saw was a surreal landscape, with a huge variety of people, just your typical Swedes, a lot of metal heads, jean vest wearing lesbians, and a lot of girlfriends who were most likely guilt tripped into coming to the event, and perhaps some boyfriends that were dragged along as well.


Now, I don’t think I’ll ever go to another pro wrestling event, while it was entertaining and funny, there is something to ponder why people are very passionate about pro wrestling. For one, it is obviously artificial, between the timed punches, the bouncing around from the ropes, running into their opponent’s kicks, and assisted lifts, cringe effect was heavily induced. But in my take, it has more comic effect than shock value. Perhaps fans also just follow for the story lines, since there are rivalries and a lot of smack talk before the brawl gets going.


IMG_7079 IMG_7077

However when you look at human history, we’re violent creatures that bit and clawed our way out of the food chain, and that thirst for blood and aggressive streak is still burrowed deep in our genetic makeup. Throughout history this thirst has been quenched in a variety of ways, gladiators, bull fighting or bull stampedes (still occurring), public torture and beheadings (still occurring). Now since modern society is “civilized” we’re using different channels for violence, video games, hockey fights, and now pro wrestling, where the only greatest risk of harm is having your weave accidentally pulled out.




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